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There are plenty of things to do in beautiful Phu Quoc Island. Here is top things-must-do we recommend to tourists:

Hiking in Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National park covers more than 50% of the island so it is definitely a must-visit, especially if you would like to escape the heat of the daytime sun, a walk along a park trail or motorbike ride on one of the roads in the north will give you a taste of this natural environment on Phu Quoc

Visiting Suoi Tranh Waterfall

Suoi Tranh Waterfall is a 4 meter-tall waterfall that’s surrounded by lush greenery, numerous walking paths, natural caves, and rock pools. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike further up from the main waterfall site to visit Hang Doi (Grotto of Bats), which measures 200 meters in height and houses unique stalactites. Best time to visit Suoi Tranh Waterfall is from end of May to September

Kayaking on Cua Can River

The Cua Can River is one of the largest river systems located on the Island. The river begins at the Phu Quoc National Park and empties in the Gulf of Thailand. The Cua Can River and its tributaries are an important asset in Phu Quoc’s ecotourism development initiative. Activities on the river include river sight-seeing, bird watching, and kayaking. There are many tour operators that arrange Cua Can River Tour in Phu Quoc such as Buffalo Trip, Phu Quoc Jeep Tour

Watching sunset while sipping your cocktails

Phu Quoc Island is a popular destination for those seeking the sunset. There are many spots in the island where you can have a clear view of the rise and fall of the sun such as Bai Sao Beach, Ham Ninh Pier, Rach Vem, Bai Thom, Rory’s Beach Bar. Take note that the sun rises promptly at 5:20am and sets close to 6:30pm

Snorkeling and Diving

Phu Quoc is best snorkeling destination and what great about this island is that most snorkeling can be done from shore without needing to join a tour. There are plenty of shops or hotels in the island where you can buy or get free equipment. Best time to do snorkeling & diving is in dry season

Canoeing to Fingernail Island

Fingernail Island is small island off the north western coast of Phu Quoc Island. This island is awesome place for snorkeling, fishing & discovering the wild nature of marine life with teeming corals & colorful small reef fish. You can rent yourself a canoe or join a tour arranged by tour operator. Jerry’s Jungle Tour is one of popular tour operators in arranging private boat trip

Renting a Jeep to discover the Island

If you are travelling with a group, it will be awesome to discover Phu Quoc Island in a Jeep. Riding in a Jeep will be a great way to explore the Island whilst can enjoy the wind & nature. All you need is to bring your international driving license or Vietnamese driving license. There are some suppliers of Jeep for rent or Jeep tours such as Phu Quoc Jeep Tour that you can hire or book a tour.

Shopping Duong Dong night market and enjoying seafood dishes

Duong Dong night market offers fresh produce, unique handicrafts, many kind of local seafood where is great for experience the local culture and shop yourself nice local souvenirs. Shopping in Duong Dong market, visitors are able to bargain all kind of goods. Don’t forget to find a restaurant wherever inside the market to enjoy seafood dishes at affordable prices